How we re-use,
reduce and recycle packaging


We use recyclable paper paper and cardboard boxes for packaging most of your orders.

We keep all good boxes received by suppliers and ensure they are reused where possible, and we’ll recycle all those that can't be reused. This hugely reduces the amount of cardboard waste in our shop.

We have new 100% recyclable boxes which we use when necessary. This means you, our customers, can do the same thing as us – reuse and recycle all packaging!

We do try to use paper as much as possible but in some situations we have to use plastic bubble to ensure your order reaches you intact. We have shipped plenty of fragile orders in the past and find that bubble wrap, even though it is plastic, can't be substituted by paper in all situations given the nature of shipping parcels these days.

Most of our suppliers use recycled materials to ship items to us, and we in turn use as much of these materials as possible when shipping orders to you. The magic of this is that these materials get used atleast twice in their lives prior to being recycled by you.

Recycling and reusing:

We try to recycle or reuse everything. Not only does it help the environment but it also keeps our costs down which in turn keeps our prices down.

Packaging we purchase:

Whilst we try to reuse as much packaging as possible we don't have an unlimited amount of it to pack all our orders. When we buy packaging we try to purchase recyclable materials as much as possible without compromising the ability to get your orders to you intact.